Interactive Bowling Games


Bored with playing traditional 10-frame games of bowling?

Escape has gone MAD!  Games of bowling that is, with our all-new BES X exciting interactive games of bowling features.

Adaptive Skill Level Games, the less experienced bowler can win against even the most experienced because every bowler can choose their own skill level with our new Mad Games. BES X offers players a wide array of games including Classic, Hot Shot, Chance, Global, Skill, and Mad Games. New Skill Games like Head Hunter and Last Pin Standing create a whole new bowling experience for the traditional league bowler, putting a new spin on the ten pin game.more

BES X bowlers are able to customize everything from their background on their screen, to their picture, to the animations, and even to the game itself that they choose to play, making it specific to their family, team, group, business, or party.

BES X is great for corporate parties! The many games offer a relaxing competitive fun team-building experience making bowling games more FUN than ever before.

Ready, Set, Smile, and say cheese to make things a little more personal to play a traditional style game of bowling, try out YouToons!

You Toons

Every bowler can take up to three selfies using the touchscreen scoring right at the lane and these pictures will be incorporated into fun animations after each person bowls!  Now let the games begin and the laughs begin.  See the silliness for yourself.

Now let’s get to the MAD FUN of non-traditional style games of bowling:

Character Factory / Monster Factory:  A fun game where each ball thrown works to build a different part of the character or monster.  The finished product will then be a unique character/monster for the bowler.  See how the factory of FUN happens!

Battle on the Lanes:  A competitive short game where each ball thrown will do more damage to the opponent’s castle.  The more pins knocked down, the more the castle falls.  Destroy the castle of the opposing player/team and you win! Play lane vs. lane or team vs. team (on a single lane). The number of pins knocked down determines the stones thrown and the amount of damage done to the opponents. The skill level can be selected for each bowler before starting the game; the more expert the bowler, the better they have to bowl to do damage. Let’s knock down the pins & the Castle!

Bowlin’ Hood:  A short competitive test your skills archery game where the more pins knocked down, the closer to the bullseye. The “archery” score for each shot depends on the bowling score and on the bowler level.   Ready, aim, let’s score a BULLSEYE!

Classic Games

If you are a serious, competitive bowler longing for no-frills action. These games are for you. Only BES X offers a complete set of six classic variations on the traditional bowling game plus two new games, “Odd Duck” and “Even Better,”  another  BES X exclusive.  The FUN is waiting!


The traditional game that handles the score modification automatically, along with the added benefit of inserting auto-strike into any of the frames.

Low Game

A game of skill whereby the system scores in reverse and the winner is chosen by the player with the lowest score. Knockdown the 7 and the 10 pins only in each frame for a perfect game. Reverse means that a gutter will be converted into a strike or spare.

No Tap

Available to be set for values 7, 8, or 9 whereby the system scores strike even with a lower configurable amount of pins knocked down.

Even Better

The player must bowl an even number of pins, but not a strike. If the player knocks down an even number of pins, his score is normally recorded. If the player knocks down an odd number of pins or a strike or a gutter, the score will be zero.

Odd Duck

The player must bowl an odd number of pins, and not a strike. If the player knocks down an odd number of pins, his score is normally recorded. If the player knocks down an even number of pins or a strike or a gutter, the score will be zero.

Odds and Evens

Based on the No-Tap rules with a difference. If you roll an even value your score will be recorded as a strike or spare. If you roll an odd score, it will remain as it is.

Best Ball

The system automatically carries down the best ball of each frame of a series to produce the best game. A great game for fun style tournaments where the best ball from each player is compared to produce the best team game.

Best Frame

Based on the same rules as Best Ball game where the system will automatically create a “team” game based on the best frames bowled by the team.

Skill Games

Skill Games enhance the fun component of the competitive experience. They allow bowlers to compete in a new way that is easier to follow while still offering a competitive challenge for players of all skill levels.

Last Pin Standing

Try to knock down every pin except for the headpin. If you hit the headpin your first throw you don’t get a chance at a second. Earn bonus points by leaving only the head pin.


Controlled results, idle fun, and a chance to win are all part of Striker. Watch the QUPEE animated character suddenly appear on the score screen. If the bowler bowls a strike, they win and get a congratulatory animation along with whatever prize you award determined by preset control.

Red Pin

A favorite with competition players, Red Pin has a set of on-screen digital pins with the red pin appearing in varying locations. When the required number of games has been bowled, the system automatically seeks a player. And if the player bowls the right hot-shot value they win.

Head Hunter

The aim is to hit the headpin without getting a strike. If you don’t hit the headpin or roll a strike, the score will be zero. The 1st ball of each frame is displayed and managed as a gutter (it counts zero and it does not add to the previous frame, in case it was a spare). To score, the ball must hit the headpin, and your score will be how many pins your knockdown. If you hit 7, 6, 5 or 4 pins, you get a bonus that converts your score to 10 (displayed as a spare).

Sledge Hammer

The character hits a lever with a sledgehammer and tries to make the bell ring. Sledge Hammer animations appear on the lane monitors at regular intervals, without influencing the game being played. The Sledge Hammer character chooses a person and hits the lever. If the player gets the hotshot, the bell rings and the person wins, if not, they lose.

Poker Bowling

Each player has his own hand and if they successfully achieve the hot-shot they will be dealt an additional card. When their hand is full, they can choose to discard a current card. At the conclusion of the tenpin game, the system will automatically calculate the winning hand and display the winner.

Ready to come to join the fun of MAD Games!!
With its exclusive new Facebook® GameConnect feature, bowlers can “Like” and “Check-In” at the center, and publish game events directly to Facebook. The exclusive new Lane Chatter feature allows bowlers to chat and text with other lanes. Both features are available directly from the lane with the new SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles.